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Intrducing our first ever belt designed in conjuntion with Nexbelt™. Features a rigid nylon belt 1.5" strap, adjustable waist ranges 25"-50". Designed with appendix carry in mind, the Supreme Appendix ratcheting buckle allows for quick cinch and removal with the push button release. The buckle's graphite coating is scratch resistant and and emblazoned with the Army Sniper insignia. Belt color is available in 2 options, Black or Wolf Grey. This belt is truly an everyday choice for casual wear and tool carrying. 



  • Cut-to-fit waist strap with premarked measurements
  • Rigid 1.5" nylon belt
  • Supreme Appendix buckle 
  • Ratchet locking cinch adjustments
  • Quick press buckle release
  • Polycarbonate boxing with loctite screws; included
  • Nylon belt available in 2 colors; Black or Wolf Grey




Belt Color
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