Emblazon/imˈbleizən/ conspicuously inscribe or display (a design) on something; celebrate or extol publicly.

Emblazon Our Craft

          OSOK Apparel Co. was founded with one simple goal in mind; to provide a medium for members of the Sniper and Long Range communities. Since the introduction of Snipers to the battlefield, Snipers have long been known as “Quiet Professionals”. Devoting their lives to the pursuit of perfecting their craft; all while knowing their actions will remain within the shadows in which they operate.


        We provide a method for which this community and subculture can tell it's story through uniquely tailored designs emblazoned upon their apparel. We're not a t-shirt brand, the apparel is just the display of our culture, stories, and community. A culture that is prideful of their chosen profession and that which we swore an oath to protect. Regardless of the uniform you wear, or the period in which you served, if your duty has concluded or you continue to hunt our enemies through the night; know that we are designing our products specifically for you. One Shot!   



20% MIL/LEO Discount. Email proof of service to info@osok-apparel.com

Everything is amazing related to the OSOK Apparel name. Service, Employees, Product, and even down to the folks they associate themselves with are great.