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Gold Digging the VA

We're starting a new approach to our blogs and articles here on our website. We've enlisted a few contributing writers that will be contributing articles meant to spark conversation from members of our community. OSOK is firmly based with the sniper community and we're aiming to provide content that is both relevant and entertaining to our subscribers. Our posts will be a mixture of serious, humorous, satire, and current affairs. This first article sent in, is both a serious and current affairs piece. The comment sections for all of our posts going forward is turned on and open for conversations. The opinions, thoughts and impressions shared from these authors are not that of OSOK Apparel Co. We're strictly providing a platform for our members to post their opinions and stories to a relevant audience. Feel free to reach out to us with discussion topics, questions, and/or your publishings to be featured here on our blog site. Enjoy!

We can talk about what nobody wants to talk about. It’s very common for the average veteran to have complaints about the VA. Whether they know someone not getting the right treatment or themselves are not getting the right treatment. Once a service member has DD214 in hand it’s pretty official to say, “you’re a veteran” and the VA is the enemy. It’s no secret there are aspects of the Veterans Affairs that are a failure; such as overmedicating veterans with drugs and not addressing the real issues, instead just suppressing them. Coupled with throwing a disability percentage at the service member and pushing them out the door, just to keep them out.

That one issue boils under the skin of every successfully transitioned veteran and would seem almost taboo to call out veterans who claim a disability rating that isn’t warranted with legitimate claims. I don’t make it a hobby of calling out veterans that collect questionable disability, but when irrefutable evidence shows that you are robbing the system blind, then that’s when I feel the need to voice my concern. It blows my mind to see so many veterans carelessly abusing the system. This system was put in place to assist veterans that actually need the help. The ones who find it hard to hold a job because they’re truly handicapped or the ones that physically can’t hold a job because of an actual combat injury. These veterans are forced to stand in the same line as the dishonorable turds that are knowingly abusing the system. This is slowing down the time it takes to give the right people the right treatment. 

This is honestly an issue that hits home for me. In conversation with said turds; many are surprised to learn that I have a Purple Heart and I don’t collect disability. The look on their faces are all the same, bug eyed looking stupid, followed with the question “Why aren’t you collecting?”. Simple answer, I’m not disabled. Even though my body and mind have been through nearly 10 years of active duty service and 3 combat deployments. Both my body and mind are 100% because I’ve kept them that way. I’m not the only one though. So many honorable veterans out there and true friends, some I’ve only ever talked on the phone with. I’m here to highlight the vets that passively destroy our community by sullying our names and take advantage of the system leaving our brothers and sisters that truly need the help, without it. I’m here to tell you dishonorable veterans, your names will be forgotten. You know who you are. 

Now I don’t like complaining about an issue and not providing a solution. The solution is simple. Keep yourself accountable, keep your buddies accountable. I know how enticing thousands of dollars a year sounds for doing absolutely nothing. But you signed that dotted line to serve with integrity. Military service and integrity doesn’t end once your service has concluded. It’s a lifestyle that should have forged you into a responsible person and provide a positive outlook on your decisions going forward.

Contributing Author: Alexander Devenberg

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