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About Us

Brief History & Background

OSOK Apparel Co. was founded by Craig Jordan and Joe Bastian in 2017 to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the Sniper and Long Range community. While we still maintain day jobs that consume most of our days, we are committed to growing this company and providing the best customer service humanly possible. Joe and I worked together as Sniper Instructors at the U.S. Army Sniper School. Joe is still currently in the Army on active duty while I work for a private security company overseas as a designated marksman. Together, we have always shared a passion for training with some of the world's most lethal warriors and providing services that enhance the Sniper Community.

As Instructors at Sniper School, we were afforded unique opportunities to cross-train with Snipers across many different organizations; from Special Operations to Marine Corps Scout Snipers, Federal Agency Snipers, International Coalition Snipers, SWAT Snipers and the National Guard Sniper Course. It has been the utmost privilege to network and associate ourselves with members from all over this great community. We have developed a profound respect for all the organizations and the unique role each plays in forming this brotherhood. 

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